My Lead Gen System Tutorial|4 Tips On Making Sales From The MLGS Leads By TOP EARNER Mike Hobbs

If you’re using MLGS leads and aren’t making any sales, I’d highly suggest you stop what you’re doing and watch this “My Lead Gen Secret tutorial” by Top Earner online Mike Hobbs.

I happen to know to value that Mike Hobbs provides to the marketplace so not only do I follow him, but I also opt-in to his email.

Today I happened to get an email that said the following:

And I quote:

“Hi Melissa

We get questions about MLGS or My Lead Gen Secret leads all the time in our group.  

Most of the time the questions are about why they get so many clicks from the traffic without any sales. 

So in today’s video, I will be giving you some tips on putting the “sales” odds in your favor using these leads

My Lead Gen Secret tutorial

Even if you are not using these leads, the video may be of value if using or buying any kind of leads you don’t generate yourself. 

Make it a great day!

~Mike Hobbs”

So OF COURSE I clicked on the link and watched the video simply because I consider myself an eternal student…lol.

Anyway, I decided to immediately share it with my audience

This is what this My Lead Gen Secret System Tutorial post will be covering:

  1. 4 Tips on Making Sales From My Lead Gen Secret Leads
  2. Tip #1 – Don’t Send People To a Sales Page
  3. Tip #2 Don’t expect normal conversion numbers
  4. Tip #3 – Promote Residual Income Products
  5. Tip #4 – Don’t expect too much from this traffic source, ESPECIALLY at first.
  6. My Two Cents about Mike Hobb’s My Lead Gen Secret System Tutorial

4 Tips on Making Sales From My Lead Gen Secret Leads

Attraction Marketing System

Tip #1 – Don’t Send People To a Sales Page

Mike advises sending people to a capture page because they aren’t real leads unless they’ve opted into YOUR website. When you buy the My Lead Gen Secret Mailer, you are buying people to market to, NOT leads.

He says that until these “leads” actually give YOU their email, you are not buying a lead. If you’re sending the MLGS leads to a capture page and you get the person to give you their email then you know that it’s a good traffic source and that it’s a real lead.


Let’s say you sent 8000 clicks to a capture page and all of a sudden you got a hundred leads (which is a bad ratio), now you actually have some data to work with. You have a hundred leads you can actually work with. You can follow up with them, you can send them value, You can actually convert those people into REAL sales at that point

Tip #2 Don’t expect normal conversion numbers

Mike says that a lot of this kind of traffic is BOTS or fake to make the numbers look better than they are. A lot of these leads are sold to multiple people so there are hundreds of marketers also emailing the SAME EXACT leads, so don’t expect really good numbers.

Even if you send let’s say 10,000 clicks to a capture page, Mike says that he wouldn’t expect the 20% normal opt-in rate. He says he’ll treat it like a traffic exchange where it’s maybe a 1% opt-in rate.

That’s pretty bad because the whole point of building any business online is to get QUALITY LEADS in front of your capture page…

People who are actually interested in what you have to offer. That’s why Attraction Marketing is SO MUCH BETTER because the leads that you are getting from an attraction marketing strategy are actually people who are already interested in your product, services, or business opportunity.

I wrote a blog on how to get leads using attraction marketing here.

Tip #3 – Promote Residual Income Products

So many people are promoting Clickbank offers (myself included) and they get a sale, but it’s not residual income.

I honestly wish I would have heard this tutorial sooner but I am glad I did because now I can share it with you.

I have made sales from Clickbank products using the My Lead Gen Secret leads but when you promote residual income products, your customer value goes up and so do your profits.

Tip #4 – Don’t expect too much from this traffic source, ESPECIALLY at first.

Some people who get sales from MLGS actually tell you that you have to have 5-10 accounts and you’ll start seeing good results in 12-18 months. My Lead Gen Secret membership costs $30 a month. If you have 5-10 accounts it’s going to cost $150-$300 a month.

It’s important to add another marketing strategy in order to generate leads such as content marketing or video marketing.

There are so many ways to generate a lead for your online business rather than putting your egg in one basket.

Attraction Marketing System

My Two Cents about Mike Hobb’s My Lead Gen Secret System Tutorial

I’ve been following Mike since 2012 and all I have seen him provide is 100% value as an Internet Marketer. So I pretty much trust any tips that he gives when it comes to internet marketing and generating leads.

As far as my experience with the MLGS leads, I’ve gotten sales but he’s right about the conversion rates.

It’s very low compared to other strategies that I use to generate leads online.

As a marketer, I won’t undermine any type of traffic so I am still using it but I’m not going to waste $150-$300 on it and have a bunch of accounts.

There are better ways to generate traffic.

But traffic is the heart of any online business and the more eyeballs you get to your capture page, the better chances you’ll have of getting a lead.

Just make sure that you’re promoting to an audience that is actually looking for what you have to offer. MLGS leads are business opportunity seeker leads. They are also cold leads which means that they have no idea who you are so it’s harder to convert. I usually send them to a capture page with an offer that provides lots of value and residual income.

I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t send them to a Clickbank offer, but I got BETTER results from my own offer.

If you want to know more information on the My Lead Gen Secret Mailer, you can check out my review here

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I’m glad I was able to share this My Lead Gen Secret Tutorial by Top Earner Mike Hobbs.

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